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Logo and Visual System Design for

Kodak Rebranding

Project Brief

This is a brand reinvention case study for Kodak rebranding. The goal is to continue the brand with the same brand soul but expand to different business areas, turning Kodak into a new brand. 

I explored various methods of research to discover the brand vision, audience, mood and eventually reinvented their brand, giving Kodak a  fresh visual identity which follows the brand soul.

Project   Rebrand Kodak from New Business Positioning (School Project)

Timeline   12 weeks

Deliverables    Logo design, Website design, Book design

Tools    Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Approach & Deliverables


I designed the new brand identity for Kodak and made three books to show the progress of my exploration for the rebranding of Kodak.The books show the color, type system and graphic style for the new Kodak.

Exploration for New Brand


Kodak in the future will expand to new business zones aside from a camera business.  The new logo therefore will not stay too close to what it used to be but still stick to its brand soul - ‘ create, capture and preserve the essence of life’. 


Design Exploration


Kodak has been a brand dedicated to enable people to capture and preserve memories of life. During the visual development process, symbols of memory and longevity were conceptually and visually explored. Through this process the visuals have evolved further into abstraction, taking the shapes of the elephant to evoke the idea of memory and longevity. These ideas were also explored and translated into typography, and expressed in the custom logotype 

Sketch Potential Solutions


Exploration with Digitalized Design Solution

digi logo exploration.jpg

Final Logo Type

final logotype.png
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